Thinh Vo

I’ve worked at Gilmour & Jooste for about 4 years +. During this time I have learnt so much from all the trady’s at the company, from wiring something as simple as a power point to something a bit more complex like running cables and fitting off lights, switches and wiring switchboards, its endless what I’ve learnt from Gilmour & Jooste.

This is a very social company; everyone feels like family more than a workplace. If I have a problem, I can always call around for help.

Gilmour & Jooste members are very hard working and committed. If the job needs to be done today, we will get it done.

My time at Gilmour & Jooste has been great so far, if I have to recommend an electrical company to anyone from domestic to commercial work, I’ve definitely recommend Gilmour & Jooste as I’ve seen the quality of work everyone has put in.

EC No. 7759