Power Upgrades and Rewires

Overhead lines can become an obstacle during renovations. We can provide underground power from the Western Power dome to your Switchboard; which has the added bonus of making the house look nicer!

Older homes still contain cleat wiring or VIR cables. The insulation on these cables is fragile and provides only a single layer of insulation. They do not comply with the current standards. When we come across these installations we recommend strongly to the owner to do a rewire to the home.

LED Lighting

LED lighting has a number of benefits over conventional bulbs such as Halogen bulbs.

Benefits of LED’s include:

  • A significant reduction in power usage resulting in great energy savings,
  • A variety of colours to choose from (eg: warm white, cool white), LED’s run much cooler than Halogens,
  • LED’s have a clean, stylish design,
  • LED’s are now dimmable, and
  • LED’s don’t require a canister for installation.

Switchboard Upgrades

Old homes often have switchboards with ceramic fuses. However, as our power needs are increasing around the home, these fuses are less able to cope with the increasing demand.

These older fuses are usually found with an asbestos backing plate. Upgrading your ceramic fuses to a new switchboard with safety switches is essential.

If you have been using the same ceramic fuses for some time or live in an older house, chances are you’ll need to consider an upgrade.

Safety Switches and RCD’s

Safety is a priority at Gilmour & Jooste Electrical, for our team, their families and the community. This is the reason why we promote fully functional Safety Switches (RCD) in every home to protect our loved ones.

Safety Switches disconnect the power within milliseconds to avoid electric shocks. It is a requirement to have at least two RCD’s in homes when they are bought and sold.

Surge protectors are another way to protect your home. These devices protect against any surges that may occur in the electricity grid, for example through lightning strikes

Power Points

When renovating your home, consider upgrading your power points. The Clipsal 2000 Series and Saturn Series are two modern designs that can make a world of difference in your home’s design, style and functionality.

Data, Audio & Smart Wiring

Our team are trained in Phone, Data and Audio installation. We are endorsed for structured cabling, optical fibre and coaxial cabling.

Smart Wiring homes is becoming more and more essential. It allows reconfiguration of your home as your needs change, and as technologies change. Smart Wiring reduced the need for expensive rewiring or new installations each time new digital technology is introduced.

We can provide Smart Wiring to your home for you to enjoy with the whole family.

Fault Finding

Gilmour and Jooste can undertake fault finding in all electrical installations. This process includes locating cables underground, as well as monitoring and logging of power usage with printed reports.

Mains Powered Fire Alarms

If you’re selling your property or renting it out, it is the law to install mains powered smoke alarms. It is a good idea for all homes to have mains powered smoke alarms, regardless of whether you are selling or not. Gilmour and Jooste are experts at installing mains powered fire alarms. Contact us today to discuss the best smoke alarm options for your home.

Selling a house:
From 1 October 2009 it became law for mains powered smoke alarms to be installed into all existing residential buildings prior to sale. These requirements are mandatory under the Local Government (Miscellaneous provisions) Act 1960 section 248 and the Local Government Act 1995 section 9.60, and the Building Amendments Regulations 2009.

If you are renting a property, mains powered smoke alarms must be installed. These requirements are mandatory under the Local Government (Miscellaneous provisions) Act 1960 section 248 and the Local Government Act 1995 section 9.60, and the Building Amendments Regulations 2009.

Exhaust Fans and Heat Lamps

Gilmour & Jooste can install or replace your exhaust fans in the kitchen, bathroom and laundry.

Exhaust fans play an important part in getting rid of vapour, steam and odours that may occur in the home. They also help reduce mould in your bathroom and laundry, saving costs of cleaning and repainting. We have a variety of exhaust fans to choose from, including stand alone models, or combination fan / lights.

Bathroom can be a cold place during the winter months, especially for the little ones. We can supply and install either a 2 Heat Lamp or a 4 Heat Lamp Fan Light combo to make the bathroom a cozy environment.

Bore Pumps and Controllers

As our climate warms and water from the mains becomes more expensive, many people are turning to bores to water their gardens.

Gilmour & Jooste Electrical provide the service of replacing faulty bore pumps and controllers. We do both, above ground motors and submersible pumps.

We can also install and replace your reticulation / bore controllers.